Focus: Part 4

The Bible tells us that “as He is so are we in this world” and that we are ‘one spirit with the Lord’ but what does this mean? What actually happens when you become a Christian that causes this? Join us as we answer this question and discuss what the bible says we should be focused as believers in 2023!
Series: Focus
February 26, 2023

Focus: Part 1

In our lives, we move from one priority to another priority. There are amazing things that happen when we are focused on and aligned with God's will, plans, and purposes for our lives. As we say goodbye to 2022, join us in Scripture as we look forward by focusing on what the Word tells us God wants for our lives in 2023!
Series: Focus
January 1, 2023

Focus: Part 2

In week one of this series on "Focus," we began discussing the things that we should be focusing on from the Word of God. In that message, we learned that we needed to focus in on God's wisdom. In this message, we discuss the second thing we are directed to focus on and pursue from the word: His righteousness.
Series: Focus
January 15, 2023

Focus: Part 3

There is such a misunderstanding in the world and in the church today about how we obtain God’s love and favor. Everything that has been done for us by Jesus, we receive as a gift. We’ve done nothing to earn it. Join us as we continue to discuss what we should be focused on in 2023!
Series: Focus
February 19, 2023